Welcome to the FOA Ocean Glossary, the OG

Within several contexts, such as communities of practice, international and national laws and texts, institutions, and processes, ocean terminology is applied with different meanings and nuances. In dialogue across disciplines and actors, we all need to be addressing the same issue while using a certain terminology. 

To improve ocean governance, a common language is a centerpiece to conduct integrated ocean research and management with effective results. The FOA Ocean Glossary, the OG, aims to set the stage for such clear dialogue. And we aim to mainstreaming its use across the ocean community, so that we all speak with one meaning and language.

This is a living glossary, that will grow at the pace of your own input. It is a curated process and you are kindly requested to provide the reference and the link to the source of such inputs.

Thank you for your contributions towards: one ocean community-one meaning!