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Public Launch of FOA's Call for Action on an Ocean Knowledge to Climate Policy: Launch Ceremony at the Plenary of Mayors of the LACCW, 23 of August 2019, Salvador

posted Sep 20, 2019, 7:35 AM by Monize Garcia

Ocean Climate Action Pathway to the UNFCCC COP25: Creating an Ocean Knowledge to Policy Dialogue towards a Coherent and Coordinated Framework to address the impacts of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and climate change on ocean and coastal zones, ensure the UN sustainable development goals and contribute to the Paris Agreement objective to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C (see the call for action here)

At the Launch Ceremony, the Call for Action was signed by:

- Tomasz Chruszczow: Poland's Ministry of the Environment and the Presidency of COP24 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

- Lisa Morris-Julian, Mayor of Arima, Tobago &Trinidad

- António Carlos Magalhães Neto, Mayor of Salvador, Brazil

- Bruno Covas, Mayor of São Paulo, Brazil

- Arthur Virgilio Neto, Mayor of Manaus, Brazil

- Jonas Donizette, Mayor of Campinas, Brazil

- Rafael Grecca, Mayor of  Curitiba

- Geraldo Júlio de Mello Filho, Mayor of Recife

- Adriana Campelo, Director of Resilience and Senior Advisor of the Secretariat of Sustainable City and Innovation, Municipal Government of Salvador

- Orisia Williams, National Coordinator of CC4FISH FAO Project, St. Kitts & Nevis

 Following the public launch with the Mayors, during LACCW, various public administration and non-governmental organizations signed the Call. Signing by other Regions- NGOs, IGOs, and Local to National authorities, and other ocean-climate stakeholders will open soon. 



 Subscription is made upon invitation, please contact FOA at: info@future-ocean-alliance.org