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Join us and help promoting a healthy and sustainable ocean by addressing the challenges of ocean governance,  access and fragmentation of ocean knowledge, expertise, and communities, by making a tax-deductible donation today.

Thanks to The Ocean Foundation (TOF) fiscal sponsorship,  we too profit from full charity status in the US. Donors will receive an email confirming their donation that can be used for tax records.

Your donation via the account named Friends of Future Ocean Alliance via TOF is a secure,  transparent, and a tax-deductible manner to support FOA and ocean philanthropy.

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Your donation goes directly towards building an single community — a global ocean knowledge network—able to address emerging ocean governance issues promptly, efficiently, and fairly. Thank you!

More information about what happens to your donation
We have chosen TOF because they practice a high degree of oversight to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. And transparency and accountability. TOF provides oversight, ensuring that your donations are spent in a manner consistent and supportive of the FOA's mission. FOA is required a full accounting of how your donations were spent annually. As a Friends of Fund at TOF, we benefit from:
  • Strong governance and oversight
  • Bookkeeping and accounting (for all funds that are raised through TOF)
  • Financial reporting and compliance
  • U.S. tax deposits and filings (only for money raised through TOF)
  • Foundation and government grant management
  • Individual donor acknowledgement
 To provide these services, TOF charges us a base rate of 10% on all incoming revenue.