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Internal Governance

Legal Status
The Future Ocean Alliance (FOA) is a not-for profit association and a trademark:
  • The FOA association is registered in Portugal (#510808301), as a not-for profit, neutral and independent association, since 2013.
  • The Future Ocean Alliance and FOA are registered trade marks. The use of these brands is solely allowed as per request and on a case-by case situation: please contact us.
  • FOA benefits from full charity status (section 501(c)(3)) in the USA via The Ocean Foundation's fiscal sponsorship.
  • FOA operates according to the Portuguese and European Union Laws for not-for profit, neutral and independent associations.
  • FOA internally functions in co-founding mode and according with The Ocean Foundation (TOF) by-laws.
  • FOA's co-founding, institutional, and legal representation:
 Isabel Torres de Noronha (FOA, Chief Executive, Portugal), and
 Mark J. Spalding (TOF, President, USA)

Getting Involved with FOA
You can stay abreast FOA's activities and progress by registering in the network. Further involvement is regulated by memorandum of understanding (MoU) tailored with you:
  • Alliance (active support of the FOA secretariat to serve its overall mission and constituency, beyond a particular activity).
  • Partnership (for collaboration on particular matters and institutional support).
  • Consortium (contract/MoU for the participation in one single project).
  • Individual (individuals that are passionate about FOA's mission and help FOA growing on a volunteer basis).
  • FOA's activities are co-funded by co-sponsors and supporters, donations, the promoters of the activities FOA engages with, and activities budgeted in projects, inclusive of administrative costs. Should you consider inviting FOA for an activity, please consider budgeting FOA's administrative costs and expertise- this is how a not-for profit secretariat can deliver and be sustainable.

The fiscal year in Portugal (were we are registered), starts at 1 of January and ends at 31 of December. Our annual reporting is based on these dates. We deliver an interim financial and planning report in June to comply with the TOF requirements due to the USA end of the fiscal year (June).

Co-sponsors and co-hosts

  • Fiscal sponsorship and host in the USA by The Ocean Foundation. Washington DC, USA.
  • Resources and headquarters for co-foundation and incubation outsourced by InventAr, UNIP, Lda, Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Initially headquartered for incubation (2013-2014) by  the Luso-American Development Foundation. Lisbon, Portugal.